Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Abs, Shoulders & Arms

Finally, finally, finally really back at it!  Man could I tell this morning that I had taken some time off and been sick.  I hate being that super sweaty girl, but this morning it seemed even worse than usual, icky.

We started off with abs and I reminded Kyle we are now doing training for the six week challenge, not easing up to harder training for the show.  I'm sure he didn't need the reminder and I may at one point have regretted reminding him ;)

Abs were TOUGH, when he had me getting ready to do leg lifts he came over to me and was standing over my head, he let me know that when I brought my legs up he would then be pushing them down and I had to resist and not let them hit the ground, then bring them back up and repeat.  Holy crap, 18 reps of that was enough, he has me usually do 25 reps of each ab exercise but I just couldn't with that one quite yet!

Then my workout consisted of hammer strength shoulder press, cable tricep push downs with rope, hammer curls, swimmers press, cable tricep push downs with bar, bar curls, seated two angle shoulder flies, overhead cable tricep extensions, in and out curls, single handle lat pull downs to finish off the shoulders.

I was so dead and part way through I had to take a breather, I was sweating profusely and felt a tad bit light headed.  That was when I could feel in my body the break and it was like my body was reminding me I was coming back off of a sickness and I totally needed to slow up!

Over all it was a great, intense workout and I'm feeling like I will tackle this challenge and do amazing :)

Now I also want to start kind of a food diary on here along with my workouts, getting more serious ;)

Breakfast: Protein shake: water, vanilla Syngex protein and orange Gaterade.
Snack: Greek Yogurt
Lunch: Tuna melt, honeydew melon, carrot sticks, hard boiled egg
Snack: Cottage Cheese
Dinner: Tilapia with brown rice and red pepper
Snack: Protein shake: milk, vanilla Syngex protein and Nesquick

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