Thursday, June 13, 2013

Abs, Chest & Back

Awesome workout this morning!  For the challenge I have to track my workouts on, it is pretty cool because at the end it tells me how much total weight I lifted in the workout, this morning I lifted a total of 6,630 pounds!

After only a couple days of working out and eating really clean I have seen a huge difference in my body, it feels like I literally "snapped" right back into shape.  I weighed myself this morning and I lost two pounds, down to 142.  It is truly amazing what good food and exercise can do.

Abs were so tough today, they are sore from Monday and we are really concentrating on each area.  Also it was quite humid in the gym this morning, I was drenched in sweat after just the ab workout!

Today for weights I did hammer strength chest press, hammer strength back row, hammer strength decline chest press, hammer strength high row, full range of motion lat pull down, push ups, bent over dumbbell row, incline dumbbell chest flies.  I always do two sets and keep my reps between 15-20.

Today's menu will consist of:

Breakfast: Protein shake: Water, Gaterade and Synergex protein
Snack: Greek Yogurt
Lunch: Chicken breast, honeydew melon, red potato with a little salsa
Snack: Protein bar
Dinner: Tuna, brown rice, red pepper
Snack: Protein shake: Milk, Nesquick and Synergex protein

I'm trying to get in a gallon of water a day, I have not been doing that great I have to admit.  Need to get myself a bigger water bottle!

I know at some point I will have to add in more food, actually I really need to start that next week.  Just something simple like a small egg white omelet with spinach to have after my protein shake in the morning and I need to make some more hard boiled eggs, they are such an easy snack to add in, not too filling and of course are a great source of protein :)

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