Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Abs, Shoulders & Arms, Legs

Last night was a great workout with abs, shoulders and arms.  Feeling like my arms should be coming along a bit more though.  Today there was a great deal on bodybuilding.com for N.O. Xplode, buy two of the 30 serving and get one free.  Kyle has decided to add in BSN CellMass for another supplement for me, that should help my muscles come along a bit faster.  I must say I LOVE the BSN products, they are amazing.  Nutrisport in our area will price match a web product adding $5 for what would be a shipping charge, but we knew there was no way they would match the bodybuilding.com deal for the N.O. Xplode, but we'll get the CellMass from them.

So last night on the ab routine my obliques were so, so sore!!!!  For abs I did bicycles, pulse ups, side bridges, wide leg sit ups, leg lifts, side crunches, upper ab crunches and russian twists.  For my weight routine I did upright row to shoulder press, lying dumbbell tricep extensions, reverse barbell curl, arnold press, rope tricep extensions, barbell curl, two angle shoulder flys, hammer curls, angle bar tricep extensions, in & out shoulder flys, close-grip standing barbell curls, standing wall tricep press and split handle lat pull downs.  I lifted a total of 8, 148 pounds!

This morning was leg day and Kyle's birthday, happy birthday to my hubby!  He killed my legs this morning, seriously!  I did seated leg curls, seated calf raises, front barbell squats, hyperextensions, barbell deadlifts, and calf press on leg machine.  It might not seem like a lot, but I did four sets of everything and about 20 reps besides calves, I did 30 reps for my calves.  I lifted a total of 18,365 pounds, my legs are strong!!! :)

On the menu today:

Breakfast: Protein shake: Gaterade and Synergex Vanilla protein
Snack: Plain greek yogurt and 3 strawberries
Lunch: Salad with chicken, a BIG salad, string cheese
Snack: Cottage cheese, banana
Dinner: Chicken breast, sweet potato, broccoli
Snack: Protein shake: Milk, Nesquick powder, Synergex Vanilla protein
Dessert: Oreo cream cheese swirl brownies!  I know so bad, but I'm only making an 8x8 pan and they are for Kyle's birthday, I will only have one :)

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