Monday, June 3, 2013

Get Ripped Challenge

So I am a member on and they have challenges often.  We all know I took about two weeks off when the crappy gym closed, I did do some cardio but no lifting, I also ate like complete crap the entire time.

This morning was my first morning back in the gym and I happened to see this challenge today.  It couldn't be more perfect timing, I'm bloated from crappy food, unless I'm flexing the muscle tone isn't super obvious, so before pictures for something like this, well now is the time for them, lol.  So what did I do? I got a paper and had Kyle take some before photos of me and signed up for the challenge!

Now we're really talking hardcore working out beginning tomorrow and strict dieting, I want to look AMAZING at the end of this challenge.  I know thousands of women will be competing for this and they will only pick THE best.  I thought I had Kyle talked into doing with me but he doesn't want to have to track everything and wants the focus on me, but he is getting his butt back into shape as well regardless :)

As I put on my little bikini and yes it is a bit small but hey that's a good thing right now! ;)  I can say I felt, just, I don't know, ICK.  Kyle got so mad at me, but I can't help it.  There is a part of me that wants perfection, I HATE my tummy, hate, hate, hate it.  I know, I know it could be much worse but this is my own body issue.  I'm not overly embarrassed by my photos but I have to be honest, I wasn't at all happy with them.

It sad how easy it seems to pick apart your own body and tear yourself down.  I really had to stop myself, insane how one can truly be their own worst enemy.  I had enough body bashing on myself, now time to get into positive mode, got get my protein shake for my dessert tonight and get to bed for an early workout in the morning!

Yes, I'm sharing my before pictures, I just can't wait until I can share the after pictures :)


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