Monday, June 10, 2013

Volleyball - End of 1st Session

Last night was the final games for the first session, I was so, so tired before we even began.  I had such a wonderful time in Minnesota with my girls, it was truly unbelievable!  The car ride home got a bit stressful with some HEAVY rain, I got home at about 4:00.  Enough time to stretch, drink my NO Xplode and get to Volley's.

Chris was at least feeling really tired too, I'm glad I wasn't the only one.  But we did win all of our doubles games, we didn't get last for doubles, woo hoo!!!  I was so shocked after doubles I looked up at the clubhouse area and there was my mom waving at me, holding a beer in her hand :)  I can't tell you how happy I felt, it was like high school when they would come to my sporting events, I just loved that surprise!  They did come so they could give me a key to their house to take care of their cat while they are off having fun camping for a week.  But they did come to watch all three doubles games, I'm glad we won them all, they were proud of me and Chris :)

Our four's games were good as well, I think we ended up in third place, we won all three and for us to have gotten second place I think another team would have had to lose all of their games last night.  The second game was insane, we play to 25 but the second game we won 28-26, I felt like that damn game was never going to end!

I did get a great cardio workout last night, I was beyond exhausted when I got home.  I just fell to the floor face down, Kyle wasn't surprised I was so worn out.  I think Tybalt thought I was dead he came over to me, sniffed me and then kind of pawed at my head like, mom are you alive?

My dinner was a protein shake, I was too tired to eat anything.  Bella was so sweet as usual, helping me up then she wanted to sit in the bathroom while I took my shower she was worried I would fall or something, such a sweet heart.  Plus we really missed each other this weekend.  I get to take today off, maybe take Tybalt for a walk tonight to loosen up my legs, but that's it, trainers orders :)

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