Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'm Sick :(

So my run on Tuesday didn't feel so great, I figured it was because it had been a few weeks since I ran AND I chose that awesome route with a nice big hill.

Yesterday morning I had to cancel my morning run with my sister because I had a horrid headache and my throat was killing me.  I got up and went to work, did the important things that needed done in the morning and then decided to head to the doctor.

Usually when I go it ends up just being a stupid cold and they can't do anything for me, not this time.  I have respiratory, ear and sinus infections!  The good part is that I got some medication, started that right away and this morning I finally woke up without a headache.  Still feeling kind of icky but way better than yesterday.

I will be taking the next couple of days off, I get to spend this weekend with my group of girlfriends from high school for our annual get together.  Oh yeah I talked about this before and getting to indulge this weekend, yay :)

Speaking of that here is a recipe I found for a yummy strawberry yogurt cake I am making to take with me, check it out, it isn't crazy unhealthy :)

I will be back Sunday for volleyball and will resume my workouts Monday morning!

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