Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shoulders, Arms & A Run!

Today's workout was awesome!  Kyle added in some more exercises since I am doing my core workout tomorrow and we didn't have to do abs today :)

I felt really good, the best part was that I actually got a run in afterwards.  I just ran two miles but it felt awesome.  I thought I was running really fast, then got my time afterwards, not very fast but that's alright.  I ran two miles in 19:35, I felt like I could keep going so I'm not too worried about the Color Run on July 15th.

Just feeling very positive today and hope this feeling lasts and there are no crazy bumps in the road anytime soon.  Kyle got some good news last night he got a job at The Mac and will be one of their personal trainers now :)  It will be a nice part-time job for him, he works 3rd shift for his full-time job so the hours work out perfectly.

I will continue to work out at Northland and he will train me when he can, but starting next week I'll be doing 3-4 mornings by myself.  I feel very comfortable with the workouts though, David will hopefully be going with me sometimes if I can get him to get his butt up that early ;)

Shoulders & Arms: Upright row to shoulder press, straight bar tricep extensions, overhand bar curls, arnold press, ripe tricep extensions, narrow grip barbell curls, dumbbell shoulder shrugs, two angle shoulder flies, wide grip barbell curls, angle handle tricep extensions, in and out shoulder flies, e-z grip wide handle tricep press, e-z grip wide overhand curls, double handle cable pull downs and rear delt dumbbell flies.

WHEW!  I lifted a total of 12,580 pounds :)

Breakfast: CellMass, Protein Shake: Gaterade, Syngex Vanilla Protein, Maca Root
Snack: Plain greek yogurt, 4 strawberries
Lunch: Salad with chicken breast, string cheese
Snack: Kandy Canteloupe, string cheese
Dinner: I'm not sure yet!
Snack: Protein Shake: Milk, Nesquik powder, Syngex Vanilla protein

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