Friday, June 21, 2013

Chest & Back

No abs today, I was told that tomorrow I will be starting a new core routine, woo hoo!!!!  This morning I was showing off my progress to Kyle and he was poking my abs, smiled and said, you are going to have an eight pack instead of a six pack :)  Makes me so excited!!!!

I did so good with my food yesterday and was only 152 calories short for the day, much, much better than I've been doing, now to keep it up.

Today's workout was a good one, I knew Kyle had me lifting heavier today.  He just puts the weights on the Hammer Strength machines, I don't really pay attention how much and just focus on my reps.  Of course I know how much I'm doing when we use dumbbells, but I like the surprise of my weight totals after the workout.

I did hammer strength incline chest press, hammer strength low rows, hammer strength decline chest press, hammer strength lat pull downs (pulled 70 pounds!!!), incline chest flies, heavy pants with flip grip each rep, cable crossover flies (super excited these are now added in), wide grip lat pull down, hammer strength flat chest press, standing rope pulls, split handle lat pull downs, butterflies.  Total weight lifted was 15,430 pounds, woo hoo!!!

Today's menu:

Breakfast: Protein shake: Synergex vanilla protein, Gaterade, egg whites with low fat mozzarella (no idea what happened to my red pepper it was gone this morning!)
Snack: Plain greek yogurt and 3 strawberries
Lunch: Ground turkey lettuce wraps and cottage cheese
Snack: Cottage cheese, 15 almonds

I don't have my dinner figured out yet, I might get to cheat a little bit, confuse my body to get my metabolism going a bit more.

I'm down to 140 pounds, weight isn't what really matters, but it is nice to see it down a little bit :)

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