Monday, June 24, 2013

Hardcore CORE, Volleyball

Saturday morning Kyle switched up my core routine, I thought we were just doing our normal abs and then lifting shoulders and arms.  I was WRONG.

My workout was a 50 minute core workout, with weights, HOLY CRAP.  He wants to do this type of core workout once a week to get the muscles really cut so hopefully I won't have to flex my abs too much at the show, just make it easier on me in the long run ;)

It was so intense, leg lifts with a 6 pound medicine ball are tough, holding the medicine ball between my feet on the pulse ups was difficult.  At least he was right by me just in case I couldn't hold the ball and it headed for my face.

My abs were pretty damn sore on Sunday, he also has me doing the P90X stretch dvd at 3:30 on Sundays now before volleyball.  It helped so much with my soreness and I was so loose and ready for volleyball last night!

We did so good in doubles, won two out of three, I had so many hits and only missed one!  We won all of our games in fours, we're all really playing well together now.  Chris is an awesome, awesome doubles partner, we play so well together!

It would be nice if the damn gnats would go away, but it's been so rainy here they are beyond ridiculous.  I think I spent the majority of the time swatting at gnats last night, icky!

This morning I was exhausted so no morning workout, it got moved to tonight.  At least I will have Kyle with me tonight, not really looking forward to the busyness of the gym, but oh well.  Abs, shoulders and arms!

I woke up late this morning, like 45 minutes late so I was extremely rushed.  Only grabbed one yogurt and strawberries, that's all I've had so far today and it is 12:44pm, seriously my stomach is having a full on conversation with itself.  My lunch will probably be not the healthiest, but not too bad either, I'm thinking a small side salad and maybe a chicken salad croissant from Target since I have to go there to get a few ingredients to make some cream cheese swirl brownies for Kyle's birthday tomorrow.  I will be substituting oat flour for white flour to make them a little bit healthier, but seriously they are cream cheese brownies, I'm only making an 8x8 size pan, that will help too ;)

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