Thursday, April 11, 2013

Abs, Chest & Back

The past couple of days were spent nursing my neck.  Monday night I managed to be jerked awake by a thunderstorm, I LOVE thunderstorms, but didn't appreciate what the shock of waking up to loud thunder did to my neck. I had a huge knot on my right side and spent Tuesday at home using our back stim machine a few times throughout the day.  It worked and the knot was gone by Tuesday night, yesterday it was really sore so I didn't workout yesterday either.

This morning it is still very tender, but I got my workout in!  My eating has been pretty bad this week, I blame it on mother nature, damn her visiting once a month and making me crave chocolate and bad food like crazy.  Last night I had some chocolate marshmallow ice cream, finished it off, at least we don't have anymore ;)

My tummy was not feeling the best for my workout, after abs I had to take a break before we could do chest and back.  Think I learned my lesson about ice cream at night?  Probably not.

It was a good workout, there were moments when I could feel my right trap starting to tighten up but I would stop the exercise and the feeling went away.  I really don't have time for tweaked muscles!

I feel like my back is really starting to come along, I don't get to see it really of course, but I just feel like it is getting pretty muscly :)  My chest is looking good, the tatas are lifting, what a great feeling as a woman, I'd love it if they just continue to perk up and not get any smaller which will make me feel like I don't need a boob job once I'm down to show size, a girl can dream!

The search for my first set of photos has hit a big bump, I can't find them!  They were never uploaded to our computer and they are not on the memory card I use most often, I'm hoping and praying that they are on another memory card that is lost somewhere in my insanely messy office.  Our plan is to do some photos this weekend, it will suck if we can't find my first ones, but photos taken this weekend will be fine.

My abs aren't coming along like I would like them to, that is totally my own fault.  The eating has been so tough the past couple of weeks and I've cheated more than I should.  I really, really need to knock it off, somehow I will get to the point of only having one cheat day a week.  I'm not cheating all day but I've had one bad meal a day, usually dinner.

Time to find more powerful willpower!

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