Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Abs, Chest & Back

Another killer ab workout this morning, half burpees have been added, I'm just not doing the jump up.  Weight was added to another exercise at the end, I did it :)

Today I did the most push ups yet in the plank position without having to go down to my knees, yay!  I also notice that Kyle has me doing the same machine at the end as the beginning, he said he did that the last two times, guess I wasn't paying attention the last two times.

My weight is not changing at all, it's hanging right around 142, I'm sure when I actually do more cardio it will drop a little bit.  We need to do my body fat soon, it's been far too long, and measurements, maybe just maybe we'll have time to do that tomorrow morning.

Volleyball starts in just five days!!!!!!

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