Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lifting, Running & VOLLEYBALL!

Hello there, I seemed to lack the motivation to blog this past week.  

I've been lifting of course, the ab workouts are starting to really make my abs sore.  Adding kettle bell weights to the moves makes a HUGE difference.  I'm happy I still have 24 weeks to get ready.  This week I've been overly tired and extremely sore, my motivation has been gone.

My mind has been very busy, some stressors have come along but I think they are now under control and I can get back to thinking about training and continue working really hard!

I had a nice run yesterday, not.  I had lost my chip for my Nike+ software, cleaned out my car and magically found it :)  I was so excited yesterday to run and have that wonderful voice in my ears telling me how far I've gone and what my pace is.  Well about halfway into the run my iPod shut off and said "connect to computer to restore".  I was thinking, SERIOUSLY?!?  I've never had that happen before, so I had to finish my run with no music, just my own thoughts.  But I did it and felt like I was going at a decent pace.

The best part of the week was volleyball!  I was so, so happy to be playing again :)  We did awesome, in doubles we won 2 out of 3 and in four's we won all 3 games!  My friend Chris and I had never played doubles together before, so we were pretty psyched about how well we did.

I was insanely sore on Monday and Tuesday, clearly after two hours of volleyball on Sunday nights I need to have a good stretching session.  So happy to have my Sunday workouts be sand volleyball again :)

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