Monday, April 1, 2013

Cardio - Elliptical

Today was cardio day, I think I was still in a food coma when it was time to get up for the gym at 4:30, I didn't do it, instead Kyle told me to do cardio on my lunch hour.  Since certain running gear wasn't washed and ready for me today (totally my own fault) it would be an elliptical day in the "beer" workout room!

I took my cheat day a little too seriously yesterday, I ate everything in sight, seriously.  At least today if I see any Easter candy it makes me feel sick!  Well I take back feeling that way about one item, lemon bars, seriously I ate almost half a pan.  I'm not proud but those things are so amazing and refreshing, mmmmmmmmm.  I did enjoy my day of eating whatever I wanted, I enjoyed it yesterday, not so much today.  

So I did burpees, then 15 minutes of elliptical intervals, burpees and 15 more minutes of elliptical intervals.

OH.MY.GOODNESS.  I'm lucky I got through it without vomiting all that damn Easter candy and probably lemon bars.  I did it though and felt pretty good when I was done, looking forward to tomorrow when I can see the results of today's cardio workout.

I truly am at the point where one bad day of eating makes a difference in my body, I can see it at least, then one good day of cardio bounces me back to where I need to be.

It does make those cheat days seem much less appealing, hopefully by the time July gets here I really won't want my cheat days since I won't get them anymore from that point up until the show anyway :)

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