Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shoulders & Arms

I was a bit grumpy this morning, not really ready to go for my lifting session.

We got to the gym and I got upset because we weren't doing abs, me of all people, getting upset because I'm NOT getting to do abs.  The girl who hates abs, well when you can see a big difference in them and you know they are your main trouble spot, I worry when it's been four days since I've done abs.

So then I was grumpier.  I HAVE to get up tomorrow morning for my cardio now, no chance of running on my lunch hour because I would not have time to do abs plus run, that thought process made me grumpier.

My grumpy self got through my workout, Kyle wants to change up when I do abs, not sure why maybe I should have asked so I can understand why we are needing to change that up.

Sorry Kyle for my grumpiness this morning, my abs just totally suck ass and I worry that they won't ever be a nice six or eight pack.  I know I have six months, but that is even sounding like not much time to me.

The lifting was just alright today, amazing how much your mindset can totally throw off a workout.  I got it done, but honestly it didn't feel great and I know that is my own fault.

Here's to hoping the next weight lifting session goes better and that my mind is in a better place.

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