Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beautiful with Curves

This is Oklahoma City Thunder cheerleader Kelsey Williams, how gorgeous is she?!?  Seriously I think she is so lovely, she looks confident, happy and just plain beautiful.

I was so disgusted to read some articles about her and people bashing her for her size, seriously it makes me want to vomit.

Every woman has a different idea of how she wants to look, each of us has a different level of comfort with our bodies.  Some strive to be ultra thin, or muscular or athletic or just plain healthy.

Women are MEAN, it's a simple fact.  Sadly it begins at a young age with girls seeing the "ideal" woman in magazines on TV in movies, that mindset of feeling the need to be a certain size can hit so early on.

I am working my butt off to teach my own daughter to live a healthy lifestyle, an active lifestyle and to always be comfortable in your own skin.  I have had my own body issues and have been very careful to keep my thoughts to myself or speak them to Kyle in private.  I know I am in good shape and have never been necessarily overweight, but I've always had some issues of feeling like I have to be "perfect".

Some have opinions that I am choosing to compete in a figure competition just to have that perfect body, not the case.  I am choosing to compete because it has been a dream of mine for the past 12 years and I've never found the "right" time to do it, my time is now.  I honestly feel I was made to do this kind of competition and so does Kyle.  If anyone on this earth thought I didn't have a chance of placing in the top three like I want to, it would be him.  He wouldn't tell me in a mean way, but he would be honest.  He is so honest that he tells me constantly about how great I'm coming along and how awesome my muscle definition is already, what can I say, I'm a very muscular woman and it comes easy for me, I know I'm lucky that way.

I dream of walking on that stage, proud of what I've accomplished with all the hard work and sacrifice having my family and friends there to cheer me on and show their support.  I would love to walk away with some trophies, not gonna lie, I would love to do so well that I can keep competing and possibly work towards a pro card, it is a dream of mine.

I have always felt beautiful except for a time when I myself got way too thin.  I got into the Hydroxycut fad with the ephedra when I was 19 and I looked disgusting.  I did have it in my head that I needed to get that small to be beautiful, thank god I had friends and family to knock me into reality.

I kind of rambled there but my point is this Kelsey Williams is beautiful, how sad that some women choose to blog that she is too fat to be a cheerleader.  It's not like she has some huge tummy hanging over her booty shorts, I for one am not offended seeing her in her cheerleading uniform.

Kelsey, ignore all those haters and stay just as beautiful as you are.  You look like one happy, lovely woman, kudos to you!

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