Monday, April 29, 2013

Hitting It Hard

Saturdays lifting session was a tough one, I seemed overly tired and felt like my muscles were fatigued pretty quickly.

I did great on my abs, I'm starting to really enjoy those exercises even with the kettle bell!  I've made so much progress on my obliques, I started off only being able to do about 12 reps on each side.  I'm now up to 25 and could do more but we only do 25 reps of each exercise.

I also made a big jump in my push ups, 18 was my max in plank position, on my knees I could do more but no more knee push ups allowed!  Saturday I did a total of 26 push ups in plank, yay!

Kyle has added a new shoulder exercise, it was tough and my shoulders are still feeling it today.  I love it when we change up what we are doing, time to confuse my muscles!  At one point while I was in plank I noticed Kyle had his phone pointed at me, that meant picture taking.  Makes me feel good to know I'm at a point where he wants photos to see how my muscles are progressing :)

I saw some photos this weekend of some women that had competed in some figure competitions, a gal on Facebook competes and trains and I follow her.  I must say I was shocked to see their physique, I think they were competing in small shows but they had no muscle definition at all, they were slim, don't get me wrong, but no ab, leg or arm definition.  I started thinking again, oh my goodness, maybe I am going to be too muscly for this!?!

When I showed Kyle the photos he made me feel better, he was shocked at their physique, again they are slim and I know they had to work to get to where they were at body wise.  He was just surprised by the lack of muscularity.

I honestly at this point already have way more definition, but we did do my body fat and I wasn't happy with it.  I'm only down to 17%, but Kyle assured me that I only need to lose about 9 - 10% and I have 24 weeks to do it, it won't be a problem.

Eating is still difficult for me, it comes down to wanting what I can't have, I've been this way my entire life.  My discipline hasn't been the best and that is the reason for my body fat not going down a whole lot.

I need better discipline, it will come I know it will, I've just been getting bored with my food choices.  Time to do some research and see what I can add or find some more interesting recipes.  Also my addiction to carbs is insane, this is so, so hard, I can see why doing this sort of competition isn't for everyone, I love my bread, muffins, pasta, sweet rolls, the list could go and on.

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