Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pushing Through

Sunday night was a fun night of volleyball, not as many wins as last weekend, we only won one game in doubles and one game in fours.  The team we played in doubles was really good and we lost 21-19 both games, boo!!!!!  Our fours games we were just a bit off and should have won at least two of them, oh well there's always next weekend.

In the sixth game as I jumped to dink the ball over I pulled my left hip flexor, damn the hip flexors!  I pushed through the game and once I got home I was in tears.  It hurt so crazy bad, I couldn't even lift my leg.  

Kyle strapped an ice pack to it, Bella was so sweet bringing me pillows and trying her best to make me comfortable.  Kyle gave me some muscle relaxers which totally knocked me out after dinner and more icing.

Yesterday was my much needed day off, last night I did the P90X stretch dvd and iced some more.

This morning it felt so much better, but is still pretty sore, so no abs today :( I never thought I would be sad to have to skip abs!  

We worked chest and back this morning, it was a great workout.  Added some heavier weights, more reps and changed it up a bit.

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