Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Plyo's & My Birthday!

This morning Kyle put me through a really good plyo circuit, I'm getting so good at wall squats, seriously I think I could do a wall squat for a long, long time :)

It's the jumping over the raised exercise step that gets to me, my legs are cashed so early on!  I push through though and I'm seeing a lot of changes in my legs, they are slimming out quite a bit.  I'm sure we'll start building them up again but they didn't need to be as big as they were.

I can say that today my abs are SORE!  I think after yesterdays ab workout and plyo's today, they finally got what they needed :)  They are coming along, my upper abs are getting pretty defined, my lower still need that final layer of "mommy" fat gone, but we're working on it!

Today also happens to be my birthday, it was a great start to the day with a plyo workout.  Then I treated myself to a skinny vanilla latte and a naughty blueberry scone, so yummy :)

It is cold and rainy here today and is supposed to rain pretty much for the next week.  It sucks because volleyball starts on Sunday, I'm thinking we will be playing on some really hard and cold sand, but it will still be fun!

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