Friday, April 5, 2013

Cardio - Run

I did it, I got through my run today even though I didn't think I would.

Last night was swimming lessons for Bella, we take her to a place that is super tiny.  It is literally a small building with one pool in it and locker rooms.  It is extremely humid in there, I dress lightly, I drink my water the entire time, but it doesn't matter by the end I feel like complete crap.  It really is sad and so frustrating for me how the humidity affects me so much!

I ended up laying down when we got home, I couldn't eat, no dinner and I just went to sleep.  I know it was a really, really bad choice, talk about being behind in calories, so bad when you skip dinner AND your evening snack.

This morning I still felt kind of crappy so no gym in the morning.  Work was full of issues that people thought I could fix but I couldn't and lots of moments where I needed like four of me.

Before my run I was dreading it, I knew it would be bad.  It was tough but I got through it.  I've never had an issue with feeling like I have to go to the bathroom when I run, not even when I ran the half marathon.  Well today about 5 minutes in it hit me, well really no place for me to stop.  So I ran feeling like I had to poop, my right leg cramped up before my half way point, did I mention it was a horrid run??

The highlight was passing a random pedestrian, when I ran by him he yelled, "good job, keep it up!"

It made me giggle, I've never had that happen other than at a race :)

Glad that run is done, looking forward to the next one and knowing it will better!

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