Monday, April 8, 2013


Yesterday I went to Robert's Buffet at Riverside Casino, my Uncle Denny invited the ya-ya's (myself, Laura, Angie and Stacy) and also my parents.  So obviously yesterday was my "cheat" day, um yeah, I totally took advantage of that and went way overboard.

I ate and ate and ate, it was all so good and I wanted to try everything.  Talk about binge eating, oh my, I at least couldn't finish all of my desserts.  I knew that my morning workout would be a tough one, but I told myself it would be totally worth it.

I woke up before the alarm even went off this morning, I was happy about that :)  I'm sure it won't be the same on Monday's once volleyball starts in just two weeks!!!!!

Anyway, I was ready to go for some plyo's.  My body felt pretty heavy, how could it not after I devoured pounds of bad food yesterday???  Ok, not pounds literally, but just massive amounts of food.

I don't think I've sweat that much since playing volleyball in 100+ degree weather with high humidity.  It was so gross, I'm so happy we are the only people in the exercise area doing plyo's at 5am.

It was TOUGH, squats were added to the box jumps, there were wall squats added in between exercises, lots of calf raises, line jumps, tire jumps, walking lunges, and so much more.

Kyle totally kicked my ass today, I'm lucky I didn't vomit, it was a damn good workout and I'm thinking I burned quite a few of those calories I consumed yesterday :)

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