Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Abs, Shoulders & Arms

Saturday was a really good workout day, Kyle changed up my ab routine.  He asked me if they are still feeling nice and sore afterwards and they hadn't been, I was honest and now my ab workouts are longer :)

It was great though, he added some weight to some of the exercises, sadly my arms got tired from holding the weight but my abs did great!  They still haven't gotten too sore, I'm trying to keep that to myself........too bad he reads this ;)

But seriously, my abs are my worst part, the most pain in the butt.  I can see a big difference though and feel it too, the layer of fat over them is getting less and less.  I'm still not ready to be showing them off yet, but I have a feeling that time will come soon!

I haven't been great about my cardio, that is a problem I know, cardio will obviously help me shed the last little bit of fat.  I've had a cold for the past five days, lifting I'm fine with, cardio I wanted to wait on so I don't feel like I'm hacking up a lung.

The rest of the workout was awesome, shoulders and arms are my favorite, I can see so much change and I'm loving it!!!!

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