Monday, July 1, 2013

Volleyball, Lifting, Bad Choices, More Volleyball

Friday night there was a Mad Hatter tournament at Volley's, we had so much fun!  Kyle, myself, Mindy, Larry and his Larry's girlfriend Elaine all went.  It was my first time meeting Elaine, nice work Larry, she is awesome!!!! :)

We all had so much fun, we played from about 6:30 until a little after midnight, it was a LOT of volleyball and I made a poor choice by drinking Summer Shandy, but it was so, so yummy.

Kyle and I made it to the gym by 7:30 on Saturday morning, holy cow I was TIRED and sore but I lifted shoulders and arms.  Afterwards I felt pretty loose, we added a set to all of the exercises so I'm now doing three sets instead of two.

I did: upright row to shoulder press, overhand bar curls, rope tricep extensions, arnold press, barbell curl, angle handle tricep extensions, two angle shoulder files, close grip barbell curls, straight bar tricep extensions, in & out shoulder flies, hammer curls, lying tricep extensions, split handle lat pull downs, wide grip barbell curls, overhead tricep extensions, rear delt flies.

Saturday we had a family reunion, I chose to drink Summer Shandy again, we played bags all day, just had a blast.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling completely exhausted and just like total shit.  I was so dehydrated, I definitely learned my lesson, no more beer before the show.  My body can't take it right now and it is not worth it, at all.

Played some more volleyball last night, we won all three of our doubles games.  Four's was horrible, Chris was gone and Mindy forgot that Casey was supposed to play for him so we had a girl that Luke knew fill in.  We all did not mesh well, it really was three crappy, crappy games of volleyball.

I was so dead tired when we were done, I did not get up for my workout this morning but I will be going to the gym after work.  I did run two miles on my lunch hour, it was hot out, it was a horrible run.

Hate feeling like this, trying to hydrate and get myself back on track.

15 weeks to go!

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