Monday, March 24, 2014

7 Weeks...

Just seven weeks left to go, unbelievable!!!!

I was very happy Saturday, I am down one pound and one more percent body fat.  That puts me at 142 lbs and 13.2% body fat, woo hoo!!  The diet and added cardio are doing their job perfectly.

The weekend workouts were awesome, Kyle was with me Saturday and put me through quite the arm workout.  He had me doing all tricep exercises with drop sets to muscle failure, including half reps, it was INTENSE.

Sunday was abs and chest, Kyle again put me through an intense workout along with David.  We got our butts kicked!!!!  After that workout, a protein shake, a poptart and about 45 minutes of rest I did a four mile run outside.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed it!  It was nice to go for a relaxing run, even though it was cold and windy but thankfully for these temps I have the right gear so it wasn't bad at all, I was just proud of myself for doing it and not feeling like walking at all.

This week Kyle is figuring out exactly what he wants me to do for my trial run peak week starting Saturday.  I'm nervous and excited, it will be a tough week because I will be on lower carbs until Friday but still doing my normal workouts along with cardio.

This morning we were at the gym at 4:45, that was tough.  After the lifts Saturday and Sunday along with the run yesterday I was TIRED.  But I did well through the workout, went up in weight in some things, and Kyle was proud of me for pushing through like I did :)

It also helped towards the end when a guy came over to let us know that I was making all of the guys lifting look bad ;)  It really is insane how much the individual muscles become more visible the lower the body fat gets.  I know it all makes sense, but to actually see it while I am lifting is pretty awesome.

Here's to week seven, ready to blast through it!!!

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