Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Killer Back Night

I lifted back on Monday and got to have Kyle there with me :) He pushed me to my limits and then past them. I was able to do three unassisted close grip pull ups, woo hoo!!  I had to do the rest assisted, but still I'm making progress.

I actually remembered the lifting straps, so proud of myself for that ;)  It felt amazing to do shoulder shrugs with 135 pounds and not lose my grip on the bar!  As I was doing them a guy came over to tell Kyle that I look like I could kick his ass :) Such a nice compliment, Kyle agreed ;)  

We really enjoyed the journey before the first competition but we are enjoying it even more now. I've learned so much from him and will continue to do so. Makes me feel proud when I can tell him to put more weight on the bar, progress, progress!

He took a little video of me doing low dumbbell rows for Carley.  You can see the muscles in my back, it makes me so excited for when I finish up cutting body fat and will be able to see the muscle growth I've worked so hard for!


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