Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Buckle Down

I always do better when I am busy by writing down the important stuff on a calendar at work.  Not in my phone, I don't look at the calendar enough in there, sure I could set reminders but something about having it where I see it pretty much every day makes a difference for me.

With just under 10 weeks to go and adding the half marathon training I felt a huge need to write out my workouts on my March calendar.  Now I feel like the reality of how busy I will be is setting in.  Meaning no more excuses for early morning workouts, because two a days will require an early morning workout and an evening workout.

I have hopes that this damn weather will drastically improve quickly.  I want to be outside for my runs, lift in the morning and run or other cardio in the evening during the week.  We will see how my body fat does with the runs and other cardio, I may cut out HIIT training when I have sprints during the week instead of "easy" runs.

Nutrition is going well, changing it up a bit, there is no way I can eat just 2.2 pounds of green beans for dinner with my chicken, I'll be adding in sweet potato for the higher calories so I can eat less green beans and a lower volume of food.  That's right I said I need to eat LESS during contest prep, getting your calories from veggies means eating a large quantity of food!  I'm adding in rice cakes now for my post workout treat, gotta get my belly used to some rice again so there is no bloating if I choose to have that on contest day.

Now everything is much more real since it is written out on a calendar ;)  BRING IT.

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