Monday, March 31, 2014

6 Weeks - Peak Week Trial Run

Here we are just six weeks out, the week Kyle has chosen for me to do a trial run of my peak week nutrition.  Of course I have a cold and my right ear is totally plugged, I couldn't sleep all weekend, grrrrrr.  Not sure if it was just nerves knowing this was happening this week, the weather is constantly changing so I will thank mother nature for my cold.  I just don't want to end up really sick like I did after the actual competition, Emergen C is being added in.  I am going to be worn down this week, low calories, low carbs and regular workouts, I gotta put on my superwoman cape this week!

Our course of action has me at low carbs Sunday - Wednesday, NO carbs on Thursday and Friday I will be celebrating as I eat a double cheeseburger, a small piece of cheesecake and enjoy a glass of wine.

I know, it sounds messed up to me too, no matter how many times Kyle explains to me how this works, I just don't get it.  As long as it does work I don't care ;)  My water intake has been increased a large amount, I'm working on getting in 2 gallons and then Wednesday we'll take it down to 1.5 gallons, Thursday 1 gallon and Friday half gallon.  In regard to sodium I'm salting most of my food and on Thursday I probably won't salt as much, but I will be keeping sodium in my diet.

My weight has been fluctuating over the past few days, we are blaming that on mother nature as well.  Although I did only get in two cardio sessions last week, one more would have been beneficial.  I need to not be weighing myself this week like I did this morning with the increase in water.  By the end of the week that water weight will be gone, I just hope I am lean enough to be able to tell the differences we need to see this week.  Kyle thinks I definitely am, you can see my abs at least :)

I have my back workout tonight and abs, I was debating doing cardio but instead I will get up tomorrow morning for a run and then lift legs after work with David.  Needing my peeps this week, emotions are running high, energy is low.  I've said it before and I will say it again, I am so damn lucky to have so many supporters around me.  

I am beyond happy that Carley will be here with us for her first experience of a real peak week.  The many feelings you go through during that final week, it helps so much to be with your biggest supporters and the more you have the better :)

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  1. Very excited to come home and to be able to workout/ be with you during this in person!! So much to look forward to :)