Friday, March 7, 2014

Love Your Body Challenge

Please check out this amazing blog by Molly Galbraith!  I stumbled upon it by chance and am ADDICTED!!!!  Right now she has this amazing 28 day challenge, it is phenomenal.

The outpouring of women who are participating and their honesty just blows me away.  There are so many great stories so far and I look forward to catching up on it every day.

This challenge really gets your mind working and I am excited to learn more about myself, my goals, even this journey I'm currently on throughout the next 28 days.

Today is about our existence being a miracle and what our own purpose and meaning in life is.  This is an answer that could change over time depending on life changes and challenges.  For me there was one answer, it will remain my answer for a long time because it is so, so very important to me.

"My life has purpose and meaning and that purpose is to teach my daughter to love herself, know her worth, know she can do anything she puts her mind to. Teach her that no matter what size or shape she is, that she is BEAUTIFUL. Growing up myself I was so hard on my body, my muscles were too big, the guys would tease me because I had “man” legs. I never want her to feel like there is something “wrong” with her, but to know that she is her own version of a beautiful human being. I am teaching her how to be strong and healthy, she loves it. I will fulfill my purpose and there will be another young woman in this world who is proud of who she is, always."

The changes in myself over the past year have been huge, I'm not talking about the changes to my body necessarily but mentally.  I've proven to myself how strong I am, that I can handle so, so much more than I gave myself credit for.  To follow my dream and still be a good mommy, wife, daughter, sister, friend, I CAN DO IT.  I really can :)

Bella still gets teased sometimes for her small size.  Two days ago she came home from school with and had to show us a big band-aid on her knee because a Kindergartner came up behind her, grabbed her and shoved her to the ground at recess.  As Bella is telling me this, I'm getting angry and having to remind myself to not say something like "did you push him back?".  This mom stuff is HARD, especially in this type of situation.

Bella was proud of herself because she didn't cry, she wouldn't cry.  Her friends ran and got a teacher.  Bella was taken to the nurse to get a band-aid for her knee and ice pack for her face.  The other child was taken to the Principal's office.  

When I asked Bella how she was, really, she said, "I'm fine mommy, I'm a strong girl and it hurt when I scraped my knee but it was barely bleeding."

She knows she is small but more importantly she knows that she is strong and in a situation like this she just moves forward like its nothing.  I pray that she continues to be this strong, confident little girl, I will do all I can to make sure that she does.

Life is about so much more when you have a child, yes we have our own individual goals, but in the end our goals reflect who we are and who we hope to help our children grow to be.  This world needs strong, independent, confident young women, Bella is one of them and always will be.

Tonight I'll get my usual send off before I head to the gym, "have a great workout mommy, I'm proud of you."  I am one lucky mommy.

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