Thursday, March 13, 2014

Haters - Still Loving Myself Regardless

There will always be people out there that don't understand what you are doing, they may not know what your goals are but they sure are fine with letting you know in their mind you shouldn't be doing what you are.

It surprises me, some of the looks I get at the gym from women, the comments I can hear them trying to whisper to each other so I won't hear.  Even more shocking is someone actually saying something to me.

Last night Kyle was able to go with me again and before I left work he sent me a message saying, "get ready for an as whooping!"  I knew it was going to be an intense workout, for the next 8 weeks all of my workouts will be intense.  I am trying to make my body lose most of its body fat, NO body wants that.  Our bodies want to stay fat and happy, they like having the fat to feed off of, therefore it is extremely hard to get that body fat percentage below 10%.

We started with abs, I'm not talking crunches, those are no more.  It was a series of burpees, planks, pikes, side stepping planks, hanging leg raises and hanging oblique raises.  I was sweating my ass off after just doing abs.  Then we began the shoulder workout, sadly I tweaked my left shoulder a little, so it wasn't quite as intense as we wanted.  I had a fire cupping massage on Tuesday night and I think my muscles were just blown away by complete relaxation and last night threw them for a loop ;)  We ended with drop sets of split handle pull downs and drop sets of single arm machine seated lateral raises.  My shoulders were on FIRE when we were done!  After that it was 30 minutes on the step mill for me, my stupid headphones died 10 minutes in.  I get so mad at myself, how hard is it to remember to charge them???  So I finished with no crazy Die Antwoord to keep me going, boo.

I got done, wiped down the machine, poor machine was covered in the sweat that was dripping off of me.  When I went into the locker room there was a woman in there that I have seen at the gym ever since I started working out there.  She is older, has her make up all done, her hair styled and covers herself with loads of perfume.  She says to me "Oh you poor thing, you look like they dumped a bucket of water on your head!"  I told her I sweat a lot, especially after I just killed an intense workout.  Her response was, "you shouldn't look like that after a workout."  I was nice and just turned my back to get my stuff out of my locker and she went out to the gym.

I was irritated to say the least.  How is that I get these mean mugging looks, hear the occasional whispers and now actually have someone say something like that to me.  If I was doing half ass workouts and keeping myself in the cardio area like most of the women at my gym, I'm sure they wouldn't say anything to me and maybe not even give me the looks.  

What is the problem with a very fit, muscular woman in the gym that knows what she is doing??  I get loads of "good job" from the guys, they are interested in the journey I am on and make me feel comfortable lifting the heavy weights right along with them.

As women we need to empower each other, support each other no matter what journey we are on.  I let that woman get me down for a moment, called Kyle afterwards and he of course made me feel better and reminded me that her opinion doesn't matter.  She is in the very small percentage of people that not only don't understand what I am working for but will openly show it along with showing a "disapproval" of it.

Today the Love Your Body Challenge mantra is "My body is strong, so am I, and I will no longer apologize for either of those truths."

How ironic for that to be today's challenge :)  I will continue on this amazing journey, continue finding out just how strong my body is and be PROUD of that.  I am strong enough to ignore those that don't understand, especially those that have no desire to try to understand.  Judge from afar as I conquer my goals and achieve my dreams, because they are MINE.

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