Thursday, March 20, 2014

Funny Times At The Gym

There are so many different types of people that go to the gym I go to.  You have your group of older guys that have been lifting for years, they stick together and are very nice.  You have your usual gym barbies with their hair down, full make up on and loads of perfume, they prefer to make fun of gals like me.  The newbies who look a little scared and intimidated, or the newbies that have worked out somewhere else and act they are better than everyone else.  The younger kids who lift in groups of five to six, I could go on and on.

Last night I had a first time experience.  I've had Kyle and David both tell me about times that they have been lifting and had someone else come over to lift next to them doing the same exercise but with a heavier weight.  Kind of like a little competition and it always makes them laugh.

So Saturday when David and I were at the gym this big guy was getting a tour and they were over in the free weight area where we happened to be lifting.  The big guy was telling the owner of the gym that he needed at least 110 lb dumbbells.  David and I couldn't help but giggle, I mean maybe he would use them but I've never seen any of the big, ripped guys who can truly lift some SERIOUS weight using those.  He was just kind of a show off during the gym tour, it was funny and weird.  I knew he would be one of the newbies that worked out somewhere else and would act like he is better than everyone.

Back to last night.  I'm not huge by any means, I am 5' 6" and 143 pounds (although I think when I weigh in Saturday it will be lower).  I always joke about how small I am when I lift with David because he is so freaking tall, I feel like a tiny little thing next to him.

I was doing shoulder shrugs with a barbell and shrugging 135 pounds, 10 reps for 5 sets.  I LOVE shoulder shrugs, I just feel strong when I do them and I'm not gonna lie I like seeing the definition throughout my upper body when I do them.  I was by myself last night so I had my headphones in and music blasting, just in my own little world.

I realized that the big guy who had toured the gym on Saturday had gone to the rack close to the one I was in and he loaded up at least double the weight I was lifting and started doing shoulder shrugs.  I about died, it was so funny, even some of the other guys in that area noticed.  I kept my focus and continued doing my shrugs properly, fully lifting my shoulders and letting them down ALL THE WAY, nice and slow.  The big guy was barely moving his shoulders at an insanely fast pace and slamming the bar back on the rack.

Glad I could make him feel good about himself, that he can shrug more than me.  He better be able to lift more than me if he needs 110 lb dumbbells, I don't think I would even be able to pick one of those up!  It was a funny story to share with Kyle, now I know how silly it is when someone tries to show off by lifting heavier than you and improperly.

I got a nice compliment last night too.  I've gotten to know some of these daily lifters, I have to say most of the regular guys at our gym are super nice.  Some of them know I am starting to cut for the competition.  When I got done doing some drop sets of split handle pull downs one of them came over to tell me that he can see a big difference just from last week, that my back muscles are really popping out.  That was so nice to hear :)

Now just wait until I am under 10% body fat and you can see all of my muscles!  Seriously it is so much fun watching my body go through these changes and seeing what I can accomplish :)

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