Friday, March 14, 2014

Good Trainer Vs. Bad Trainer

All right, its time to get REAL.

Anyone out there looking to get in shape with the help of a trainer, please, PLEASE do your research!!!!  I'm not just talking about competition training, anyone wanting to lose some weight and needing some guidance too, everyone must do their research.  Said trainer should be able to tell you what they are certified in to train, how long they have been training, testimonial from clients, heck even a college degree in exercise science or a related field (although that is just a HUGE bonus) most trainers simply go through an online program and are on their way.

I am not saying anything negative about trainers that get their certifications online, many of them are phenomenal trainers, they take it seriously and get all they can out of it.

I happen to be fortunate enough to have Kyle with his degree, he truly understands the human body.  I am living proof of that, oh man I can't wait for May to share the changes from October!!!

Here is an exchange with someone I know who happens to be a trainer.  I was disgusted by his initial post on FB and thought, how in the hell can any trainer possibly have this thought and post it on his training page???  How can any trainer possibly look down on a physique that is the epitome of perfection in the world of figure competing.  Her muscularity is out of this world, her leanness and shape, oh man I could go on and on!  The ridiculously fit woman he is referring to is Nicole Wilkins, three time Olympia figure champion.

Here is his post:
Dedication. ..or addiction? Sorry but she'll die early. Addict 

‪#‎throwbackthursday‬ Nearly 10yrs between these pics. It's cool to look back on all the work that was put in and to see how consistent dedication paid off.
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  • Nancy Hartwig-Hankemeier The first pic. looks much better.
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  • Billie Meyer wow..second pic looks sick.
  • Stephanie Koch Griffin Personally I think she looks phenomenal. 10 years of hard work and dedication, she will love much longer than many that choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle. Also she doesn't always look like those photos, these are both from competitions and she does not maintain that look year round.
  • Trainer BIll Why is it that a large percentage of body builders die in their 50s? Not as healthy as one thinks
  • Stephanie Koch Griffin Nicole is a figure competitor, how many figure competitors have died in their 50's? I agree there are some competitors out there that are not the true definition of healthy when it comes to their bulking and competition prep. Eating a diet full of veggies, lean proteins and healthy fats is far from unhealthy. The ones eating under 1000 calories and doing two a days of cardio are usually the ones with really bad coaches and haven't done enough research themselves to know how to compete in the most healthy way possible.
  • Trainer BIll Well said Stephanie Griffin. There's such a fine line between healthy and addiction, when it comes to fitness competitors. I agree it's definitely very hard work and takes a very strong mind to do what you and Nicole do. You look amazing by the way!

Of course I notice a typo I made, should be live longer not love longer, LOL. But I guess if she lives longer then she will love longer too :)

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