Monday, March 3, 2014

10 Weeks

How are we at the 10 week mark already?!?

I thoroughly enjoyed my last "free" weekend.  I say "free" because I allowed myself to drink alcohol (Kinky and sparkling water), then I ate a cheeseburger and fries to absorb some of that alcohol.  No worries, my trainer was with me the entire time and he knows what I did ;)  The funny thing was when I woke up Sunday morning I was extremely lean!  Kyle was like, well maybe you should just get drunk the night before the competition and eat a cheeseburger.....he was kidding of course, mostly.  My peak week will be completely different this time around and probably will involve at least a glass of red wine and one cheeseburger the night before the competition.

I had so much fun celebrating Missy and Mindy's 30th birthday.  Sadly Missy couldn't be there, her husband has back issues and he injured himself last week, went to the hospital Friday, is still there and will be having back surgery tomorrow.  Please say a prayer for him for a safe surgery and speedy recovery!!!  Then it got snowy and the drive from Des Moines with Lyla would have been too much for Missy.

I had a great workout Saturday morning with David, then we went and got the location set up for the party.  I did wear my prom dress from my senior year :)  I have pictures but need to get them uploaded from my camera.  There may or may not have been drunk posing and t-walk practice when Mindy played "Applause", she even did my t-walk with me :)  

Obviously I know my body has changed with all of my hard work, I do see it and notice it, but when complete strangers are asking about you because they want to know who you are and what you do to be in such great shape, it is humbling, makes me feel awesome and have so much pride in myself.

Multiple people at the party that didn't know me had questions about how I am in such great shape.  I explained that I've been lifting six days a week for months and my current shape is thanks to over a year of heavy lifting, strict nutrition and cardio, all for a great purpose :)  I think some of them wanted to hear I took an easier route to be built like I am but there is honestly no "easy" route.

There are easier ways to lose weight obviously, but to get built up like I am right now, to have the definition I have, it takes so much work!  I enjoyed talking to people about my journey and even got asked to go to a different gym for cycling classes :)  I will be staying at the gym I'm at but it is nice to know I have free passes if I want to go somewhere else for a change.

I am feeling really good 10 weeks out.  I've mentioned before how hard it can be not to compare yourself to others you now who are competitors and where they are at with their conditioning.  I know a gal who said she is lean enough already for the May competition.  I thought, oh man, I have like 6%-7% body fat to lose.  I had to remind myself to NOT compare myself to her, we are built differently, we gain differently.  I'm giving myself my own advice I give Carley, we are each on our own journey and will come along at our own pace.

No more big cheats until the night after finals!  I've GOT this!!!!  Especially with delicious Quest bars, seriously they are the BEST protein bars I have ever had!!!!

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