Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Posing With A Pro!

I am so, so excited right now!!!!!  I will be having posing practices with a pro!!!

At the after party after the Best of the Midwest competition we got to talk to the judges.  I talked with Dawn Zaruba quite a bit, got a lot of good feedback on what I really needed to focus on.  Growth, being more lean and posing.  I told her my plan was to compete in the Natural Iowa competition in May.  She let me know that I could reach out to her in March to talk about posing.

I'm horrible, just horrible about reaching out to people.  I don't know why, it is just the way I am.  For some reason I was a nervous wreck over it, but I finally decided to send her a message.  Well I know it is partly because I am a newbie in this industry, an "older" newbie.  No single person has made me feel like I have to prove anything to them, but with more than a year under my belt training and another competition coming up I AM a figure competitor.  I really am!  I guess years of talking about doing it and never following through, I had to prove to myself that I truly can do this.  My dream has come true with loads of hard work, LOTS of sweating, tears and changing my eating habits!

Kinda rambled there, anyway, she responded letting me know she will have some Saturday afternoons available that we can get together, yay!!!!

I am excited, nervous, but more excited than anything.  I can't wait to learn from her, especially on my back pose, that one is so difficult for me.  It is easy to flex up top but to flex all the way down the spine is so, so hard for me, I guess my leg flexing will need some work too.

I know I've grown tremendously and am leaning out more than I did before, I am looking forward to working with Dawn.

I am ready to start NOW! :)

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