Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Legs AND Shoulders...In the AM!

Last night I relaxed, well tried to anyway, there are always things that need done around the house :)

I cooked up my dinner, 8 egg whites and some toast, yep I said toast.  I ate loads of veggies yesterday and really wanted toast, it fit in with my macros so I did it!  Eventually I would love to find a happy medium between the Fighter Diet concept and the IIFYM (if it fits your macros) concept.  Someday, lots of things to figure out with that, a ton more research needs to be done on my part that's for sure! (Don't worry Carley I will help you along with this too and get some good plans going for us :))

It was funny after I separated my eggs and had the yolks and shells in one bowl for the garbage my father-in-law saw it and said, you didn't eat all those eggs did you?  Yes, yes I did, but just the egg whites :)  He has become so accustomed to my eating and training habits :)  

So I went to bed early, at 8:00pm.  I was going to write out my workout in the morning and decided I better do it before I went to sleep so it was just ready to go.  I just had to incorporate my leg workout into my shoulder workout, I like to have it all written out with my previous weights, makes it super easy.

My alarm went off at 4am, I hit the snooze once and then got my butt up, woo hoo!!!  It wasn't too bad once I got the lights on and some NO Xplode in me, I was ready to go.

The nice thing about working out so early is that there aren't very many people at the gym and the ones that are there are regulars, super friendly and very encouraging to everyone.

I got in my squat rack and warmed up.  Had the nice guy from Monday morning stop over to ask if I was going to show off again ;)  Yep, bring on the heavy weights!

It was an intense workout, I didn't feel as tired as I expected myself to.  I went up in weight on almost everything, not a lot, but hey a 10 pound gain is a 10 pound gain, I'm gonna take it!  I lifted a total of 54,325 pounds this morning, woo hoo!!!

When I was all done and walking out I got stopped by a guy that is there every morning.  We've never really talked before, he is very quiet, super nice just keeps to himself.  He said he heard I was getting ready for a competition and I told him he heard right.  He just wanted to let me know that he remembers seeing me in there in the mornings before my October competition and he wanted to tell me that he can tell I've gained quite a bit of muscle since then.  Such a nice compliment, made me feel so good :)

Here I am after this mornings workout.  I'm already more vascular than last time, my damn bicep veins WILL be popped out by May dang it.  I WILL get lean enough!!!!

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