Monday, March 10, 2014

9 Weeks!

I swear my "so many weeks" to go posts are coming up quicker and quicker!

I was a bit surprised when I weighed myself Saturday, I gained a pound, which isn't necessarily a bad thing especially when your body fat goes down, which mine did :)  It just means that pound I gained was a pound of muscle!

My parents got back last week from their long trip away to Arizona, they had been gone since mid January.  They said they can tell that I've grown since they left :)

I had a KILLER leg workout on Friday, Kyle went with me and whooped my butt.  He hasn't been having me do leg presses, well he added them in.  I started off light with high reps and was up to 375 at the heaviest weight at 8 reps.  Not too bad for my first time on the leg press in years :)

Yesterday my stupid tennis elbow really affected chest day.  I can't press higher than 35 pound dumbbells :(  I tried to do 40 pounds but my right arm gave out, so higher reps with the lower weight for chest press.  It is so, so frustrating, but at least it doesn't affect me quite as much on the chest fly.

The weather is finally much warmer this week and I'm looking forward to running OUTSIDE, woo hoo!!!!!!!!

Can't believe I only have nine weeks to go, no more big "cheats", I did enjoy some pizza yesterday.  Gotta keep the fat intake low from here on out and only get it from healthy sources, it's crunch time!

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