Friday, March 21, 2014

A Good Run & Love Your Body!

I realize I haven't been talking about my runs on here, I mean I do have a half marathon I am training for that will be three weeks after my competition, gotta train for that too!

Last weekend my long run was 3 miles, I did well, it was cold and windy, the trail I chose to run on was gravel.  With our weather lately it was frozen in some spots, there were bike tracks all over it for me to trip over, lots of muddy puddles, it was rough terrain!  I was proud of myself for doing it and not walking :)

Yesterday was a 2.5 mile run and I cut 52 seconds off of my mile splits!  I just felt really good and I think of my shorter runs differently than I do my long runs.  My long runs on the weekend are my "steady state cardio" days and my shorter runs are the days to kick it into high gear to burn more body fat.  I wanted to slow down at one point yesterday but I didn't, I told myself to keep going, the run wasn't very long and I knew I could do it!  I am by no means a fast distance runner, yesterday my mile pace was 9'18" per mile.  I would love to someday be running at an 8 minute per mile pace, it will happen :)

This weekend I have a four mile run on either Saturday or Sunday, at this point I plan them around the weather.  Which right now the high is 37 on Saturday and 32 on Sunday so I'll probably be trucking along sometime Saturday afternoon after weight training and posing in the morning.

Today for the "Love Your Body Challenge" it just hits home with me and I love it!

“My body is the perfect blend of masculine and feminine for me, and that feels good.”

We all know that I went through high school being embarrassed by my large, muscular legs.  I really WANTED a body like the ones I saw in the magazines.  The thin legs, small waist, perfect proportions, I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get my body to look like that.  Well at the age of 32 I've finally realized that I am a well built woman, the "ideal" that is portrayed to young women everywhere is rarely attainable.  We do not walk around with our arms, legs, tummies, butts airbrushed to look smaller!  

I am so proud to be at a point in my life where I love my muscles but I also love to be very feminine.  Wearing a fun dress or leggings and a cute tank top are some of my favorite outfits.  So funny that in my life before now I would have never worn leggings, I just thought I couldn't pull them off.  My legs are one of the biggest things on me and I am finally, finally PROUD to show them off!  I have to admit at one point in my own personal journey I thought, what if I get too muscular?  Now I see how far I've come and I am the perfect blend of masculine and feminine in my opinion, which is the opinion that counts the most!

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  1. You are such an inspiration to me!! I love reading your blogs and wish I was there to run with you.. I'm not a fast runner either so it would be perfect :) lol Keep kicking booty!!