Thursday, April 3, 2014


It is here, the dreaded no carb day.  It is rainy and cold, goes along with how I am feeling about this day!

My meals today go like this:

Breakfast: Ground turkey "pizza" (package of 99% lean ground turkey mixed with oregano, garlic powder and basil, spread on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 for about 20-25 minutes)

Snack: Can of tuna and egg whites

Lunch: Ground turkey pizza

Snack: Can of tuna and egg whites

Dinner: Ground turkey pizza

What a boring day of eating, I didn't get very creative for today, my brain hurt while I tried planning out my food so I took the easy route by eating the same thing most of the day.  I will plan ahead better for my actual peak week.  I doubled up the ground turkey for the pizza, used two packages and chopped up one red pepper to have on top.  Not enough veggie to worry about counting carbs, and I used some Walden Farms Alfredo sauce.  I put some spicy mustard in my tuna and will only use pepper in my egg whites today.  Not cutting out sodium entirely just not adding in any extra.  I am also going down to one gallon of water today.

My cold seems to be getting better, yay :)  I was going to do hill sprints today but have decided against it.  My energy level is LOW.  After doing a crazy HIIT session for lunch yesterday and lifting shoulders last night heading into this zero carb day I already felt tired and it would be a total waste to do the hill sprints.  

Kyle told me he can tell a difference in my body, I am looking "flatter" but yet more defined.  These are good things :)  Hopefully after I carb load tomorrow (have I mentioned how excited I am for tomorrow?!?) I will wake up Saturday morning with my muscles looking nice and full, with my skin shrink wrapped around them.

I am really looking forward to having energy again on Saturday :)

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