Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Leg Day Insanity

My workouts have become very fast paced and I am pushing myself to my limits every time. I WILL be leaner for this competition, I WILL have more definition and I WILL have more muscle!

On my lunch hour I ran three miles, I began running outside in March.  I love the training schedule I'm using because there are tempo runs, hill sprints and sprint intervals along with the long runs.  I decided to keep my pace under 9 minute miles today and I did, 8:25 minute miles, woo hoo!

That was my first workout, then.....

Kyle really pushed me through a tough, intense, fast paced leg workout at the gym.  It is funny when we arrive, one of the trainers jokes with us that they better clear out so we can bust through my workouts.  It is all in fun and some of the guys there have let me know that they could never do the workouts I do, I've become one tough ass chick ;)

I started off with 25 body weight squats, then 30 split jumps, repeat once.  Next was Bulgarian split squats holding 20 pound dumbbells, 12 each leg, rest and repeat, rest and drop the weights then do 12 more on each leg.  At this point my legs and glutes were screaming!!!  Up next was suitcase squats, holding a 20 pound barbell in hand and doing 15 squats, switch to the other hand did 15 more, repeat twice.  Next up was lunges holding 15 pound dumbbells for a total of 30, repeat, drop the weight and do 30 more.  The final exercise was the leg press machine, drop sets. I started with 140 pounds at 12 reps, once we got down to 70 pounds each rep became a multiple pause rep.  I would press out, Kyle would slowly count to the three while I let my legs come back then it was a small press out and hold, a little further press out and hold until I got to the full extension.  I'm not sure how many we did, I went into my own world at this point.  I knew I could do it and mentally I had to check out, my mental place of euphoria would be Alice in Wonderland, chilling with the Mad Hatter.  

I understand at this point that I may sound like a crazy person, but it helps me and I after all that I then did 15 more full reps.  I got off of that machine with my legs shaking and made Kyle drive home because I was afraid my leg would cramp up pushing on the gas and break pedal.  Now that is how you know you had a KILLER leg workout!

When we got home I had my protein shake and rice cake, put on my heels and did some posing.  I shook like a leaf the entire time but I did it, Kyle couldn't help but giggle because I reminded him of something silly that shakes, I have no idea what he was talking about.

I ended my evening soaking in a lavender Epsom salt bath, it was heavenly. One thing is for sure I am giving my everything in this prep, I am so extremely proud of myself and my progress.  With the nutrition changes, already switched to high protein, low carb and low fat, the changes are insane.  Still drinking a LOT of water, keeping sodium in and feeling phenomenal.  Am I a bit tired?  Hell yes.  I am grateful for delicious Dunkin Donuts blueberry muffin coffee and Archer Farms double chocolate coffee during the day.  Sleeping has been difficult but thanks to some nighttime tea I think it will get better.

2.5 weeks to go, I'm giving it my all and can't wait to step on that stage on May 10th!

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