Monday, April 14, 2014

Abdominal Strain and Discontinued Protein!

Saturday I lifted chest and back and also did a killer ab workout.  Tried to do some posing but I had zero energy, was being a crab and we called it a day.  My energy level is very low at this point, my lifts are difficult and there were some tears Saturday.  Poor Kyle and David, I am the luckiest woman in the world to have these two men by my side, supporting me no matter what craziness I unleash on them.

I am choosing to do this, this is MY journey.  Towards the end is when it really gets HARD, physically, mentally, emotionally, I've learned it is ok to have a day where you just feel burned out.  That was what happened to me this weekend, I also found out that one of my Aunts on my dad's side of the family passed away on Friday.  She had cancer in the lining of her stomach, we knew her time was coming but it is still really hard.  My emotions were pretty much out of control all weekend.

Saturday as we got to the end of the workout Kyle had us end with three exercises all super set.  Cable flyes to incline push ups to reverse grip low barbell row.  After the final set of barbell rows Kyle stripped the weight and had me do more until muscle fatigue.

I have never had a moment where I was going to cry in the gym.  At that moment when I hit my 15th rep, I was DONE.  There were some tears, frustrated tears with feeling weak that day, feeling pissed off because cancer took my Aunt, feeling pissed off for allowing myself to feel so defeated in that moment.

When we headed to the exercise room for posing I knew before I even put my shoes on it would not be a good session.  I do know how to say enough is enough when I really need to.  I got through one rotation of mandatory poses, looked at Kyle and said I was DONE.  He agreed and we went home.

I'm not posting this for sympathy, honest is something I fully intend on being during this journey and always.  It's not all sunshine and roses, this is intense, hardcore work and yes it does weigh on you mentally and emotionally, I don't know how it possibly couldn't.  But do know that you wake up the next morning, strong and ready for the new day.

Sunday I did feel better, I lifted shoulders waited a couple of hours and then ran 7 miles.  Of course it was a complete downpour the entire day Sunday.  I drove to a trail thinking that would be best, I sat in my car contemplating the run in the stupid rain.  I wanted to just drive home, I really did.  I texted Kyle and he said running in the rain is fun when it isn't too crazy.  So instead of driving home I got out of my car and I ran.

It was nice for a little bit, but then some of the rain became sleet and that does not feel good on your face.  I realized I need a hat to wear when I run on rainy days, so my face stays a bit drier!  At one point I had to turn around on the trail a bit early because it was flooded.  But I ran over a minute faster per mile than I did on my last long run so that was good :)

When I got home I took a nice hot bath and enjoyed some blueberry coffee.  Afterwards when I began my food prep for the week my tummy bumped the counter and it hurt!  First of all, my tummy shouldn't be sticking out to bump the counter and it certainly shouldn't hurt to touch.  I expected to see bruises all across it, but no bruises just a very distended stomach, EECK!!!!!

I immediately yelled for Kyle and he was baffled.  I looked like I was pregnant, my abs were so swollen it was crazy!  I iced it and took ibuprofen then laid down for the night.

This morning they are still swollen, not as much at least and very tender to the touch.  It is not gas, I so wish it was though!  I talked to a friend that is a sports therapist and she is certain that it is a level II abdomen strain.  I probably haven't torn anything but I aggravated the shit of my abs!!!!  She recommended a 2-3 week rest, I told her no way was that going to happen.  At least she understands my circumstance and made me promise to rest today, so I'm making good on my promise :)

I just have to ice my abs on this rest day and am hopeful they are more back to normal tomorrow.  Please send me some good vibes, I will push through and my abs better cooperate.  I've been working my butt off for May and I will continue to work hard!

I almost forgot about a very important part of this post, my new protein that I love has been discontinued!  WTF?!?  Seriously, so, so frustrating.  Now to try to find a new one that I really like.  I still have the ass tasting Isopure at home, I'm going to just have to choke that crap down.  At least after the competition I can add some Nesquik to it.

I did get some good recommendations from people on and will be trying something brand new after the competition :)

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