Monday, April 21, 2014

3 Weeks

It is truly CRUNCH time!!!!!

As of right now I am weighing in at 138 pounds, just 7 pounds away from my weight at the last competition.  I lost 9 pounds during peak week last time, hoping that doesn't happen this time around!  I would be so happy to be right at 130.

I am shrinking, this is the crazy point, I really do feel like the incredibly shrinking woman.  Mentally it is messing with me a bit, I know I'm not losing muscle, just body fat but it does make you smaller all around.  I keep having to flex and make sure the muscle and definition is there, lol :)

I am going to be completely honest, training for the competition AND the half marathon is quite an undertaking.  I'm getting all of my runs in, during the long runs I start losing my legs about 6 miles in.  Yesterday my calves were cramping up like crazy but I did it, 8 miles and got down to 9:14 per mile.  I'm not striving for a super fast time, but I would love to be under two hours for the half marathon.

I've found that having lots of goo and plenty of BCAA's helps a lot, yesterday I did not take enough with me.  My little belt I wear holds four small water bottles, I only took two for some reason, from here on out I will have all four with me on my long runs.

This week is the final calorie cut, 1200.  Kyle is being AMAZING, making sure he or David is with me for my workouts to help push me through and he doesn't mind if I am in bed by 8pm.  Sadly I really need all that sleep, especially now that I will be doing my runs in the morning and lifting after work.

Bella is also being just phenomenal.  Yesterday when it was time to leave my sisters house after the Easter party Bella didn't want to leave at first.  I told her I was sorry but it was late and I still had to go to the gym (because I did my 8 mile run in the morning before the Easter celebration).  When I told her that she said, oh yeah mommy you do still have to lift.  Then she went to tell everyone goodbye and we were off.

As I typed that it sounded horrible, making us leave the Easter fun so I could lift, but we enjoyed ourselves for a few hours with everyone.  This is the time when some guilt hits me because I can't skip workouts or my long runs, but I know I have my family behind me 110% and they are proud of me and my discipline.

I was thrilled last night after my arm workout, I did go by myself because Kyle went to the store to get our food for the week.  I did 240 curls and 300 tricep extensions, man I was pumped up afterwards!  You know what?  That damn sneaky vein was out and it stayed out afterwards, you know I had to get a picture of it :)

Kind of hard to see, but it's there!

My sister got an awesome weight machine, so I had to try it out yesterday and Kyle snapped this photo to prove I'm not losing definition.  Just wait until my body fat is even lower and there will be more muscle definition, YES!!!! :)

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