Friday, April 4, 2014

Flex Friday...Even When I'm "Flat"

Yesterday was tough, we all know that, but I made it through.  I was kind of delusional, no energy and when I got home I had a temperature.  I truly hope and pray that in four weeks when I begin my real peak week that I have no cold and it isn't quite so difficult!

I can say that when I ate my oatmeal for breakfast this morning it was quite honestly heavenly!!!  Looking forward to this carb load today.  I am loading with oats, rice cakes and veggies.  Keeping it simple with foods my body is used to, until tonight that is.  Oh yes I get to eat a double cheeseburger and small slice of cheesecake along with a glass of red wine, I can't wait!!!  I should wake up tomorrow feeling very lean.

Last night I was standing in the kitchen, trying to force myself to eat some more food.  So strange with how I've been this week, I could barely eat 1,100 calories yesterday.  Anyway I'm standing there and Kyle tells me to stand still, flex and is taking pictures.  I'm like, why are taking pictures when I look so flat????  Then he showed me the pictures and I was like, WOW.  So much truth to the photos, you can see the muscle mass I've put on, I can not believe the difference in my back it is so much THICKER than it was in October!

The photos made me feel really good, I have shoulder caps, my tricep is extremely visible, my back, oh my back!  Really excited to see how I look in the morning :)

Happy flex Friday!

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