Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Legs & A Tempo Run

I had my day all planned out yesterday, got my gym bag all packed up so I could do my tempo run on my lunch hour and then planned to lift legs after work.

When it came time for my lunch hour yesterday I reached for my bag and it wasn't there.  WHAT?!?  Yep, packed it up and left it at home in the kitchen :(

It was a sad realization to know I would then have to lift legs after work and do my tempo run right after that.  I really like to separate my lifting and cardio on leg day!

I pushed through a very hard leg workout, well Kyle pushed me through, he kept me at a quicker pace.  I had to go down in weight on my deadlifts and back squats, not a whole lot at least.  I can feel my body losing some of its strength with the lower calories.  This is the time when I stop trying to increase the weight in any of my lifts, there will be time for that after the competition :)

I was struggling with the idea of a tempo run after that hard lift.  Kyle told me to just go out and do it right after the lift and wait to have my protein shake and rice cake after the run.

I was hungry, my legs were tired but I did it.  Three miles, first mile slow, second mile faster, third mile was a bit slower than the second mile.  I felt pretty good, although it was cooler and windier than I thought, my lungs were burning a bit at the end!

My definition is really coming out, I'm losing more body fat, I can see the changes.  This morning I was happily surprised to find that the jeans I bought to wear the night after the October competition fit me right now, yay!  I am 10 pounds heavier than I was then and yet they fit, that proves to me that I definitely gained muscle these past few months :)


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