Friday, April 11, 2014

And So It Begins....

The hunger, oh the hunger.

I'm down to 1400 calories a day, that isn't too insane and I won't go below 1200 in this cut, but dang it is noticeable.

Last week I was sick so the peak week trial run wasn't too bad in terms of hunger.  Now it's like all of my hunger came back and then some.

The hardest part of this journey has begun.  At breakfast I am satisfied, but then I get hungry quickly and for the rest of the day I really never get "full" from any of my meals.  The veggies do fill me up for lunch and dinner but the hunger comes back quickly.

If you follow me on Pinterest you might find that I pin a LOT of food stuff.  The dangerous world of food porn, drooling over things I can't have right now but they look like the best thing ever to me at this time!  I HAVE to pin the recipes so I can make them at some point, you know in the couple of days I give myself after the competition, yeah right.  It does make me feel good to know I have them saved though, I'm a sick, sick person ;)

My energy level is pretty low.  Last night I really struggled on my arm workout, I'm sure doing the hill sprints on my lunch hour before I lifted helped drain my energy, but still it was tough.  Tonight should be another leg workout, I'm sitting here debating on doing that or doing yoga.  Either way it will be a decent workout and I keep saying I need to add in yoga, I have been horrible about stretching.


Four weeks to go, the toughest part of prep.  Gotta dip deep, focus on my goal and stay strong!

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