Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Easier This Time....

I must say this time around peak week is so much easier!  I'm not sure why, I have no cravings at all, sticking to my meal plans has been very easy.  Tomorrow is my actual no carb day, we'll see if I'm still feeling so happy then ;)

This cold I have is making things difficult.  I woke up with a monster migraine yesterday and stayed home.  I slept most of the day and evening which meant I didn't get in all of my water or my calories.  The most important part there was the water.  Today I will get it all in before I have to cut back tomorrow.

So far I have lost four pounds and you can really see my abs.  I know my body fat is going down but we aren't concerned with that number this week.  I am happy that I'm not losing a crazy amount of weight like I did my first peak week, that was insane and I really feel like I lost some muscle that week.  This time around is different, everything is tightening up nicely but I feel like I'm not losing any size.  Well that isn't true, my waist is shrinking up, another good thing :)

After an entire day of sleeping I woke up feeling really good today.  I will be doing a HIIT elliptical workout for lunch and then head to the gym after work for a shoulder workout and some abs.

Just a couple more days to see if this master plan works for me!

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