Thursday, July 11, 2013

Feeling Better, Abs, Shoulders & Arms

I am so, so glad I went to the doctor for my stupid bug bite!  It was very infected, she just touched around the bite, said it was really hot, gave me a look like, why did you wait until today to come in?  She was sweet though, put me on prednisone and an antibiotic.  Today the swelling has already gone down immensely and I was able to put my workout shoes on, which meant a workout this morning :)

Today I did upright row to shoulder press, reverse barbell curls, rope tricep extensions, arnold press, angle bar tricep extensions, wide grip barbell curls, shoulder shrugs, two angle back flies, narrow grip barbell curls, wall press tricep extensions, shoulder shrugs, in and out flies, lying dumbell tricep extensions and hammer curls.  I lifted a total of 15,230 pounds.

I felt so good this morning, I even added a couple ab exercises to my ab routine, my abs are still the area I need to work on the most.

I'm extremely excited for tomorrows workout, ladders at a local track, woo hoo!!!  I'm so ready for sprints, to really help kick my body into fat burning mode.

Then Saturday I will have the Color Run in Des Moines, we'll see what time I get home and if I want to lift later on Saturday, I'm super excited for the Color Run :) 

Here is the official flier for the show I will be competing in.  I've been in touch with the main promoter, he is wonderful!  Very helpful, I let him know I'm a newbie and he assured me that I can ask him as many questions as I want and he works hard to make this show a great experience for everyone :)

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