Monday, July 29, 2013

Tough Decision

So Kyle and I discussed the show in October and came to the decision that it would best for our family for me not to compete.  Don't worry though I will be competing instead in the NANBF Nutri-Sport Natural Iowa Championships in May 2014 in Des Moines, I will then also compete in Best of the Midwest in October 2014 in Cedar Rapids.

We've had some situations that were beyond our power and financially I can't justify purchasing my suit and the registration fees required in the next few weeks.  Bella's birthday is the weekend of the show and I want her to have a great birthday party and not be stressing about how to pull everything off.

Fingers crossed things will work out for Kyle in the next couple of weeks so that we can be in a better place as a family and be in the position that I can compete in two shows next year without feeling financially stressed about it!

The pros of this decision are that I will be able to compete in the "Beginner" class for the show in May, that is a big plus!!!  I have 10 months to continue to build my figure, put on more muscle and present an amazing "product" for that show.  I already have a great base to build on and am really looking forward to continuing my hard work over the next 10 months.  I will also get to go watch the show this October and see everything first hand before actually competing. More time to focus on posing and confidently strutting my stuff in my very high heels :)

The big con in this decision is that the show in Des Moines is much bigger than the show in Cedar Rapids.  I know I will feel more pressure to be "perfect", but that's what the extra months will be for with my training.  Thankfully it is still close to home so my family will still be able to be a big part of everything and come see me in my debut!

I am not sad or even disappointed, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that this decision has been made.  I will of course continue to blog about all my crazy workouts and post many, many photos, you just get 10 more months of it now before my debut ;)

This is the third year in a row I won't be completing my dream, but I really look forward to completing it at the age of 33!  I will never give up, I just pray that for once life doesn't throw so much at us, especially so close to the big day.

Here's to many more workouts and a phenomenal 2014!!!

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