Monday, July 15, 2013

The Color Run

What a fantastic time I had this weekend at the Color Run!  I took off work early on Friday, got myself and Bella packed up, picked up my sister Mindy and headed out to my parent's house to head to Des Moines.  We picked up our sister Jenn there and my parent's drove separately.

We stayed at my brother John's house and went to dinner at Cosi Cucina, oh my goodness, it was amazing!!!  I had the mushroom lasagna, to say it was cheesy and rich is an understatement.  Seriously one of the best dishes I've ever eaten and I was happy to run Saturday morning and head to the gym Saturday night after eating that meal on Friday!  We enjoyed dinner with John, Liz, Larry, Elaine and Missy, it was a great dinner, besides our waiter having a small freak out at the end of our meal.  It was truly bizarre, he was "gracious" enough to remove the gratuity from our bills.

We stayed up and played a game of trivial pursuit before everyone headed home or off to bed.

Saturday morning we were up by 6:15, got our "gear" on and had my dad take some photos for us.  He was so worried about using my camera but he did a great job :)

We couldn't pass up the tutu's at the Color Run store when we picked up our packets :)

Of course Bella needed a tattoo as well :)

It was insane the amount of people that were there, I know quite a few people that were also running in it but never managed to find anyone.  They had Zumba beforehand for everyone to warm up, it was so much fun!  The atmosphere was phenomenal, truly the happiest 5k I've ever been too :)

They let large groups go in separate heats, we got to see mom, dad, Bella and John before we started.  It was a bit frustrating at first, our group consisted of mostly walkers so there was a LOT of weaving through people.  The color stations were so much fun, we spun through the line of people spraying us with color so were covered front and back.

I loved experiencing this with two of my sisters, we ran the entire race, Mindy did awesome for only running once before the weekend.  I would love to do another one in the future and have Bella do it with us next time :)

Finishing off with a bit more color :)

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