Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I am so, so happy to be able to say that I WILL be competing in October!!!

Thanks to an amazing and extremely supportive woman I am blessed to have in my life, my suit will be purchased, I don't know what I would do without her and I am grateful everyday for our amazing sistership!  Just so, so humbled by the support and desire to help me achieve my dream :)

I didn't go crazy in these last couple of days, I had put on my brave face of being ok with waiting 10 months to compete, inside I was crying.  I had already cut my calories, started my intense cardio and increased the weight on all of my lifts, more than ready to keep going and now I can!  Last night I did indulge and eat two pieces of pizza, oops, well that's my cheat night for the week :)

Monday was insane I did burpees and hill sprints, the hill I used is right by my work.  Damn that hill is long, I've ran it before but to sprint all the way up that thing, holy crap.  I managed to get in eight hills, vomit and decided I was done.  That night I went to the gym with Kyle where I did core and legs, yes LEGS!  My squats could have been lower but my legs were so, so exhausted.

Yesterday morning I was up bright and early and lifted back and shoulders.  It was a good workout but I was feeling just "off".  I know a lot of it was emotionally based, sometimes it is so hard to get those emotions in check with so many different things affecting you.  Mentally I'm feeling so much better, actually pretty freaking amazing today obviously :)

Kyle is excited that we get to continue and I get to compete in May, he has felt beyond horrible these past couple of days, I'm sure he still does but if things were in his control we would not have run into the issues we ran into.

It's like both of us have an extra push now, I better look damn good in my suit and show that it was worth it ;)

Now to figure out posing practices and walking in those damn shoes.  I wear high heels a LOT and some of them are higher than the shoes I have, but still to "strut" in them is different than just walking obviously.

I will post a video of a beautiful competitor, Jamie Keen, doing her T-walk.  I will strive to be as graceful as she is and hopefully not trip ;)

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