Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Legs, Glutes & Elliptical HiiT

Last night I headed to the gym with David to kill our legs and glutes, we accomplished that goal :)

I did leg curls, seated calf raises, front squats, back extensions, barbell dead lifts and calf presses on the leg machine.  It doesn't seem like a lot but I did four sets of 20 reps, except the calf presses on the leg machine, I did four sets of 30 on those.  My legs were burning when I was done and David's were literally shaking!  I lifted a total of 22,300 pounds.

When I got home Kyle and I discussed my training, he will be with me tomorrow at the gym and we're changing everything up.  He feels I have a really good base built up and now it's time to start really shaping each muscle group.  I'm super excited to switch things up and see how quickly my body responds.  We'll be moving away from the hammer strength machines and doing a lot more dumbbell and cable work.

Food wise I'm doing really well, I've finally got it under control and feel confident in my choices every day.  I know I'm getting in enough calories and I'm doing awesome with keeping my protein, carbs and fat at a 40/40/20 ratio.  I still have my moments of cravings, mostly for something sweet lately, very rarely do I want something like a cheeseburger and fries.  My water intake is staying high, over a gallon a day, with the heat I've been drinking more!

Today on my lunch hour I did an elliptical hiit workout, holy crap, it was insane!

I burned about 400 calories, it was tough to keep going on the last fast section, especially after lifting legs last night, but I did it :)

I'm also happy to show you what I got in the mail, yay!!!! :)

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