Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lifting, Volleyball, A Run, A BIG Bug Bite

Saturday was shoulders and arms, we worked out in the afternoon so Kyle could get some sleep in the morning.  I was happy to do that to see if I had more energy at that time versus 4:30am, and no I don't have any more energy, but good to know :)

I did, upright row to shoulder press, reverse barbell curl, arnold dumbbell press, rope tricep extension, barbell curl, two angle shoulder flies, angle bar tricep extension, in & out shoulder flies, close grip barbell curl, straight bar tricep extension, wide grip barbell curl, shoulder shrugs, hammer curls, cable rope overhead tricep extension.

I lifted a total of 15,740 pounds.

Sunday was volleyball, it was about 101 degrees when I got to Volley's.  Holy crap it was so HOT!!!!  Thankfully it really wasn't humid but after the first game I was already done sweating and covered in goosebumps.  We won two out of three for doubles and won all three games for fours.  It was a fun but hot night :)

Monday I did abs, chest and back and then I ran 2.5 miles.  This was my first workout all by myself, it went really well.  The guys in the lifting area at that time are super nice, always say good morning and are good about making sure  you aren't on a machine they are wanting.

I did, leverage incline chest press, leverage low row, leverage lat pull down, incline dumbbell chest flies, heavy pants, cable cross over flies, wide grip lat pull, machine bench press, split handle lat pull down and push ups.

I lifted a total of 17,000 pounds.

Then I went home and ran 2.5 miles outside, it was wonderful.  I again felt like I was going really fast, but no I was right at 10 minute miles.  I felt good though and could have kept going, that makes me feel like I am definitely ready for the Color Run that is THIS Saturday!!!

Over the weekend Bella camped with my parents and I hung out with them Friday night, we had a bon fire and of course I woke up Saturday morning with multiple bug bites.

Yesterday the bite that is above my outer left ankle swelled up, my ankle is GONE.  It is extremely painful, I took Benadryl, elevated it and iced it.  I woke up this morning in so much pain, so I will be going to the doctor today as it is probably infected.

No workout yesterday and no workout today, I can't even put on my workout shoes :(  Damn bugs, they are EVIL.  I will be back at it tomorrow!!!

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