Friday, July 5, 2013

Legs, Indulging, Zumba, Core

I had a great leg workout on the 3rd, I did so many calf exercises and dead lifts, oh man damn dead lifts!!!!  My legs are coming along so nicely, I'm thinking we need some photos soon.  The crazy part is that I'm not lifting anything to focus on my quads, I truly had man legs in high school, they are proving to still have the same huge amount of muscle without having to try very hard to bring it out.  My quads are coming along very nicely :)

We are on the hunt to find a track I can train at, I'm super excited!  Who would have thought that at age 32 I would be excited to be doing ladders again, 400m, 200m, 100m, 100m, 200m, 400m, the idea just thrills me :)  I know I could run at Kennedy high school but sadly they are resurfacing the track right now, dang it.

My leg day consisted of, hammer strength leg curls, seated calf raises, front barbell squats, back extensions, deadlifts, three angle calf raises and fast/slow calf raises.  I did a total of 140 reps for calf raises!!!!  My calves were on FIRE :)  I lifted a total of 20,630 pounds.

The evening of the 3rd of July was spent at my cousins' house, they have an annual party and we walk down to the river and watch the Ellis fireworks.  I ate quite a bit, did not drink beer, yay me :)  Instead I had white wine spritzers with Pinot Grigio, lemon sparkling water, lemon and lime slices, it was super yummy and way better for me.  I didn't overindulge in the food too badly, I got right back on track on the 4th.

My legs were super sore on the 4th, I slept in, Kyle's dad had to go to work so we didn't make it to the gym.  I knew I couldn't do NOTHING, but a run was out of the question it was too damn hot, so I did a Zumba class on the Wii, gosh it was so much fun and a nice change.

Today was my hardcore core day, I really feel like I HAVE to add in that word, hardcore.  It is so, so intense, I can feel the burn so deep in my abs like 5 reps into the workout.

For core I did, sit up on a decline bench, you do a fast sit up and then go back down slowly at a five count, then a set of push ups, repeat.  Leg lifts on the decline bench, so, so hard!  Weighted pulse ups, oblique crunches, weighted leg lifts, back bridge with heels on exercise ball, feet up crunches holding a medicine ball and wide leg sit ups holding a medicine ball.

My abs are already so sore, I can't imagine how they will feel tomorrow.  My food intake has been good, I'm a pizza addict and I plan to try a healthy version this weekend with a sweet potato crust, found the recipe on and it is loaded with protein and good carbs.  I also found a good guide for my eating thanks to the amazing Erin Stern.  I bought some organic quick oats and will be adding those to my breakfast along with a tablespoon of ground flax.

As I logged my workouts today I saw my count down, 99 days to go, we're below the 100 mark!  Time to tighten up the food a little bit more, I have cut way back on sugar but I will be totally cutting it out starting July 20th.  The family gatherings will be difficult but I just have to bring my own food and brush off the teasing I will get.  I will stay strong :)

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